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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for singing up for one of my fandoms! I'm so excited to see what you write.

First, some general information about my likes and dislikes. I picked three fandoms I'm really excited about this year, so I know I'll be thrilled to get any fic you write with these characters. I like slow build, banter. I like characters who like each other. Teasing, humour, fluff, smut. I like slice of life fic, character studies, bed sharing, trapped in confined spaces--basically, any romantic cliche you can come up with. While I'm normally a big AU fan, for the purpose of these fandoms, I'd really rather prefer in universe fic.

As for dislikes, there's not a lot I outright don't like. Please don't make me super sad on Christmas. I'm okay with some angst, but happy endings, please! I love all the characters I've requested, and the ones I didn't, so please don't bash them.

Brooklyn (2015), Eilis Lacey, Tony Fiorello

Post movie fic is my dream. I just want all the domestic fic about them moving to Long Island together and making it work.

I saw this film in theatres with my mom, and I kinda knew it was going to fuck me up, but boy did it fuck me up. I immediately fell for Eilis and Tony, Tony was just so sweet and kind and eager, and he liked Eilis so much. I'd like to see more of them building a life together, so any kind of domestic fic with them figuring things out and making it work would be amazing. If you wanted to explore Eilis's emotions towards Tony more I would be interested in that. She's so much more muted with her feelings and expressions, it would be great to see if and how she finds herself catching up to Tony's regard, if she ever becomes comfortable expressing herself in the exuberant way, or if she stays reserved. Does Tony get that, or does it bother him?

Really, anything you wanted to write about regarding their relationship would be so wonderful and loved. I'm familiar with both the book and the movie so pulling from either one is fine too.

Cainsville - Kelley Armstrong, Olivia Taylor-Jones, Ricky Gallagher, Gabriel Walsh

POLY FIC. Please, poly fic. Either romantic or platonic. Romantic Olivia/Gabriel, or endgame romantic poly.

The closer this series draws to an end, the more I want a romantic poly endgame for these three. The books are just set up perfectly for it, and I need it desperately. Any aspect of the triad that you wanted to explore would be wonderful. Romance wise I prefer poly (whether a true triad or poly-v), or Gabriel/Olivia. If you wanted to explore Gabriel and Ricky's relationship I would love that as well. An individual character study would also be something I would enjoy, or even a case-type fic with the three of them working together. I just love these three, and they love each other in so many different and fascinating ways. Anything you want to do with that or explore I guarantee I will love.

Society of Gentlemen - KJ Charles, Julius Norreys, Harry Vane, Francis Webster, Gabriel Ashleigh

This is really an either/or prompt - Harry/Julius or Gabriel/Francis. If you wanted to work both couples into one fic that would be amazing, but I would be just as happy with a fic focusing on one pairing.

I just devoured these books so quickly, I loved them so much. As I said in my signup I'd be thrilled with a fic that focused on either Harry/Julius or Gabriel/Francis, don't feel as though you have to incorporate both by any means (of course, if you want to...)

For Harry/Julius, I'd really love to see something with the two of them as a more established/settled couple. Obviously, their relationship is really fraught with outside drama at the beginning, so seeing them together with less high stakes would be great. How do they settle into their relationship? What comes next for them? I really liked their dynamic, the difference between the way they were in company vs in private. Julius especially really fascinated me as this kind of intense dandy that shouldn't be fucked with (the moment in Silas and Dom's book where he's like "I won't let anyone hurt Harry" really stood out to me). How do they navigate society and their relationship together?

Obviously Francis and Gabriel's novella was extremely hot, but it was so short it left me wanting so much more! Their shared history makes it seem impossible that they'd be able to come together but they're both so drawn to each other and I'm so interested in just seeing really ANY glimpse of what their relationship is like. Francis is so serious and Gabriel is seemingly so lighthearted, but they fit together and I love that.

So that's that! Like I said, I'm really thrilled about all of these fandoms, and I look forward to reading whatever you may come up with! Thank you in advance for writing my story, I am sure I'm going to love it!

Looking forward to reading,