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Dear Poly Author!

Thank you so much for signing up to write one of these pairigs! I'm really excited about getting any fic for them, so I'm sure I will absolutely love whatever you come up with!!

Generally speaking I'm good with true poly, or poly-v for each of these groups. AU or canon is also fine. I tend to like canon divergence AUs a lot. What if they were supernatural creatures who played in the NHL! What if soulbonds! etc. etc. I love pining, and miscommunication, bikering, D/s, soulbonds (I know I said this already but it's a favourite), arranged marriage or marriage of convienence, etc. etc.

I like when one character (or characters) are seemingly less invested until ~dramatic reveals, I have a soft spot for pining and characters being insecure--and then reassured! Angst is okay, but please give me a happy ending. Don't kill anyone, and don't give me watersports, and I'm probably gonna be super pumped.

My individual requests are below, please feel free to take the prompts as guidelines, or to disregard them entirely! Like I said above, I'm going to be thrilled with whatever fic you end up writing me!

Alex Galchenyuk/Brendan Gallagher/Nail Yakupov
Alex and Nail have a platonic soulbond that everyone assumes is romantic. Gally knows he never has a chance with Brendan because how do you compete with someone's soulmate? You don't, that's how! Miscommunication and pining ahoy. Or maybe Alex and Nail's bond IS romantic! Maybe it becomes romantic!

I think anything with Gally and Nail loving Alex and trying to make a relationship work, either as true poly or a poly-v would be super super enjoyable. Gally and Nail getting to know each other through Alex and developping their own relationship! Navigating long distance with one of them apart and the other two together! Being dumb boys in love! Any and all are great!

Aaron Ekblad/Megan Mitchell/Willie Mitchell
I am desperate for fic for these three. I love them so much and there is so little of it. Aaron Ekblad: nerotic and stressed out lost baby is kind of my jam. I'd love anything exploring their relationship now that Aaron has moved out of the house, and how that affects their relationship. Navigating Aaron's second year in the NHL.

Maybe Willie and Meg never moved on their feelings while he was living with them because that would be INAPPROPRIATE! but he's out on his own now and they miss him like super crazy. Or future fic maybe after Willie is retired and figuring out their relationship. How does Aaron navigate coming into a relationship with SO MUCH history? How can he ever live up to that?

If you're going to go poly-v for this one I'd prefer Willie/Aaron and Willie/Meg, please.

Angela Price/Carey Price/P. K. Subban
PK moves in at the start of the season to help Carey and Angela with their new baby... and then just never leaves. He's been putting on a good show this offseason to prove to Carey and Angela how good he is with kids!

If kidfic isn't your thing, really anything with these three would be super. Angela and Carey being equally charmed and enamoured with PK and trying to woo him to be their third! Carey developping feelings for PK, but not knowing how to act on them without hurting Angela, and the two of them working through it and coming up with a plan to make it work (now they only have to convince PK). PK going to visit Carey in BC over the summer and just having ALL HIS FEELINGS come out to the surface.

Again, really anything you want to write and are excited to write about is going to be something I love to read. Thank you so much in advance, I can't wait!



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