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Dear Hockey Holiday Exchange Author,

Thank you so much for singing up for one of my pairings! I'm so excited to see what you write, and I'm certain I will love whatever you come up with.

First, some general information about my likes and dislikes. I like slow build, banter. I like characters who like each other. Teasing, humour, fluff, smut. I like slice of life fic, character studies, bed sharing, trapped in confined spaces--basically, any romantic cliche you can come up with. I love tropes and trope subversion. Marriage of convenience, pining, soulmates, D/s. I love phone sex and sexting.

As for dislikes, there's not a lot I outright don't like. Please don't make me super sad on Christmas. I'm okay with some angst, but happy endings, please! I don't like infidelity, watersports, or character death. I'm pretty much up for anything else! I love all the characters I've requested, and the ones I didn't, so please don't bash them.

I'm happy with AU or canon fic for all pairings. All the pining for Mitch/Dylan and Alex/Brendan is amazing. I love any an all AUs. I love them trying to figure out their relationship in the NHL (long distance for Mitch and Dylan), I love them being dumb about their feelings and figuring out how they feel about each other. I'm desperate for Max/Duke fic. DO THEY KNOW THEY'RE IN LOVE? I'm concerned they don't know they are in love. I know I said I liked pining but THESE TWO ARE REALLY SOFT, PLEASE BE GENTLE.

As I said above, you really can't go wrong with tropes. I love me a good tropey fic. I am also here for trope inversion, so anything you want to take and spin around on its head, I am also 100% here for that. I am here for always a girl fic, if that's your thing. I am a fan of soulmates as I said above (it's a particular fav), but if you just want to write a good old fashion canon fic, I am here for dumb hockey boys being dumb hockey boys in love.

Pairing specific thoughts:

Mitch Marner/Dylan Strome

- future fic, making it work in the NHL. I also imagine them being in love for years and never really acting on it because what are they supposed to do being so far away? So it's just kinda understood that they love each other but nothing can happen with it... until it does
- established relationship, being super gross and solid and domestic
- tiny magical witch, Mitch Marner

Max Domi/Anthony Duclair

- arranged marriage (!!!) or regency au
- magic au or any kind of urban fantasy
- established relationship, really soft domestic fic

Alex Galchenyuk/Brendan Gallagher

- I have a yearning for a king and lionheart AU for these two. Anything with royalty/knights, etc. Is my jam.
- CUTTING EDGE AU. Washed up hockey star Brendan Gallagher and prim and proper figure skater Alex Galchenyuk
- sexting the wrong person and leading to accidental phone sex helLO

If none of these prompts inspire you, please feel free to stretch your wings in whatever manner you see fit. Telepathically bonded! Rivals to lovers! Any kind of canon fic you like! I can't wait to see what you you come up with!!! ANYWAY you can tell I am excited, and waiting for fic with bated breath. Thank you once again for agreeing to write for me!!

Looking forward to reveals,



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