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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for singing up to write one of these fandoms! I'm so excited to see what you write, and I'm certain I will love whatever you come up with.

First, some general information about my likes and dislikes. I like slow build, banter. I like characters who like each other. Teasing, humour, fluff, smut. I like slice of life fic, character studies, bed sharing, trapped in confined spaces--basically, any romantic cliche you can come up with. I love tropes and trope subversion. Marriage of convenience, pining, soulmates, D/s. I love phone sex and sexting.

As for dislikes, there's not a lot I outright don't like. Please don't make me super sad on Christmas. I'm okay with some angst, but happy endings, please! I don't like infidelity, watersports, or character death. I'm pretty much up for anything else! I love all the characters I've requested, and the ones I didn't, so please don't bash them.

Bend or Break Series - Amy Jo Cousins
Stephany Tyler, Charles "Cash" Carmichael

I can't believe this series teased pegging as much as it did and then never delivered on screen. I feel incredibly cheated and betrayed, honestly.

I'm also really into the idea of Cash and Steph having a standing booty type arrangement with Varun whenever they're in the same place, so if you wanted to explore that dynamic, whether it be purely friends with benefits, to something merging more on poly, I'm totally down for that!

If neither of these options strike you, or are too explicit, by all means anything with them just being domestic and happy together would be a wonderful start to my Christmas as well :)

I couldn't believe it. All that talk about pegging and Cash taking it and then THEY NEVER EVEN DID IT ON SCREEN. What a ripoff! So basically, anything you want to do with that will send me over the moon. I really loved their relationship, I am such a sucker for jocks with a heart of gold, and from the first book in the series I was sold on these two.

If you're not into the pegging thing, anything exploring Cash's bisexuality (because let's be real here), or even just the two of them figuring out their relationship would be awesome.

I love all the characters from this series, so if you wanted to introduce any other crossover I'm totally down with that. I also nominated Sean and Austin, so if those two inspire you, I'd be down with a story about them as well (and if you haven't read their novella I totally recommend it!

In a Heartbeat (Short Film)
Sherwin, Jonathan

This short is so cute! I was immediately in love.

I feel like the great thing about this short (aside from how adorable it is), is how wide open it is for writing. I don't particularly have specific prompts for this source material. Want to do something with the worldbuilding? With Jonathan and Sherwin as kids, or down the road? Go for it!

I'd be interesting in seeing anything that expands on this adorable story, really. Does everyone's heart run away from them from time to time? Is this a world were people literally wear the hearts on their sleeves? Do Jonathan and Sherwin get along once they get to know each other or is their relationship more rocky? You tell me!

Okay, so if you haven't watched this, you absolutely should take a five minute break from reading my letter and go watch it here. In fact, even if you've already watched it, you should go watch it again. This can wait.

Okay, you're back? Excellent. IT'S JUST SO CUTE. I don't know how I feel such a range of emotions over the course of 4 minutes BUT I DO. I REALLY DO. Anyway, I kinda said everything above so really whatever you want to do with this prompt is really great.

You Could Make a Life Series - Taylor Fitzpatrick
David Chapman, Jake Lourdes


I love these two so much, I will be absolutely thrilled to get anything for them. If you want to do something as a deleted scene or look to their future, either way I AM DOWN. My only ask if that if you do something in the timeline that it's not too angsty, because I am a delicate, delicate flower (like David).

I love these two so much. I can't believe we got to watch David Chapman learn all the names of his emotions and how to share them with other people!!! He becomes a real boy and I'm so glad.

Lately, Taylor's been killing me with the sad Jake feels, so maybe... less of that. OR if you want to explore some of how Jake was feeling (because let's be real here, David was a huge asshole a lot of the time), please please just make it end happy. I do love Jake so much, remember what I said above about jocks with a heart of gold? YES. I just love him, so if you wanted to do something more Jake centric I am on board with that!

Anything you want to explore with their future, be it sort of "current day" or post retirement, I'm into that as well.

Long Exposure (Webcomic)
Jonas Wagner, Mitch Mueller

There's not a whole lot of canon for these two yet, but I'm already super enamoured with them. So pretty much anything you want to do from G rated (just hanging out and getting to know each other!) to explicit I'm super down with it.

(If, uh, you do want to go the explicit route, these two are PERFECT candidates for just the tip fic, I am SAYING.)

So this was a last minute addition to my requests, and there's a lot we still really don't know about these two and the direction the story and their powers are going to take. If you wanted to explore some of that, I'm way into it. If you want to do something a bit more slice of life, with the two of them going on a date or just hanging out, I'm into that. If you wanted to write some good ol' fashion fucking I'm WAY into it. The "just the tip" idea came to me when I was driving home from work the other day and it's what made me add this to my requests, SO.

OKAY SO THOSE ARE MY REQUESTS. As I said above, I know I'm going to love whatever you write, and just thank you again for writing me a story. Can't wait!




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